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NSB Management Extensions is RETIRED

*Sorry to all of you hoping for an update that builds - I spent a good portion of today trying to get this thing working, but there are simply too many pieces missing from the repository, and the original solution is no longer on my local disk.

I have replaced this project with another one on Codeplex, SimpleServiceBus, but SSB is not an extension to NSB but a fork of it. However, it is a complete solution that will build and run, and 99% of the management functionality from this project was ported to that project unchanged, so you if you can probably use that project to fill in the pieces missing from this one and get it working with NServiceBus in a pinch.

I apologize to anyone who tried to download this project in the past, I didn't have a very good grasp of Tortoise at the time and didn't realize the full project didn't exist until it was too late.

I am expecting NServiceBus to evolve over the coming months into a state where I can merge my forked version back into an extension of NSB rather than a parallel codestream, but until that happens this project should be considered non-functional.

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